Best Marketing Strategies Decoded: 10 Dominating Brands

Best Marketing Strategies Decoded: 10 Dominating Brands

Marketing is a great way to promote your brand online. You can use various techniques to make your brand stand out from the competitive market. You can create unique and mesmerizing ideas that will grab your target audience’s attention. Remember, you can have an amazing product, but if your marketing strategy is not up to par with its level, your product could have the potential to fail. Just a small reality check!

A well-planned marketing strategy with key concepts that are true to the product’s nature and your brand specifications can actually gain you more customers than without the correct measures.

So, if you plan to show your product to the world and get it selling like hotcakes, this blog will certainly guide you to the best! We have gathered the best marketing strategies from leading brands that started their way from the bottom and reached the top thanks to the power of innovative marketing strategies! A bonus point is that if you feel you are a bit stuck over how to use masterful marketing strategies for your products or brand, you can always reach out to MarketingVent for affordable digital marketing services!

What are Marketing Strategies All About?

Marketing is all about promoting your brand to the world! By using innovative, fun, and attention-grabbing strategies to lure your audience into buying your product. It boosts your product potential, and this way, you gain more recognition.

With a good marketing strategy, you can gain more insight as to what your customers are looking for in your product. You can then use this to create a captivating plan to nurture those customers through various platforms. It is important to note that your marketing goal is to drive growth recognition and trust with your customers by increasing purchases and gaining more loyalty.

Additionally, it is not necessary for your marketing strategy to be serious or common like the rest. Of course, it should fit within the limits of your product. For example, if you are to market for a food item, you wouldn’t be using cars in your marketing plan, right? From our top picks, you will get to learn more and gain inspiration by using these successful marketing strategies from 10 dominating brands. So, let’s jump right in!

1. Red Bull

Red Bull Gives You Wings.” This statement emphasizes the experiences you gain after drinking their product and is an insight into the emotion.

Red Bull

Although they used complete animation for their marketing strategy, these advertisements are, of course, targeted toward young adults and older. Their advertisements focus on capturing experiences, emotions, and excitement associated with the brand. These witty commercials have an eye-catching effect and emphasize thrill and adventure, which aligns with the target audience’s desires.

Another of the most successful tactics this brand used was hosting a global sports event. This really caught the attention of all those sports fanatics and those who enjoy watching such extreme sports. The brand’s powerful event marketing strategy took them up to the highest level!

2. Alexa

Remember when, back in 2018, Alexa, Google’s Virtual Assistant, “Lost Her Voice?” And the creators had their “replacements ready?” Yeah, not only was this advertisement a mega-hit, but also took the world by storm. Literally! People were in awe of this ad since they used the power of celebrity endorsements and came up with a fun and hilarious advertisement.


Again, this is one majorly expensive advertisement because these celebrities are definitely not cheap! But nonetheless, Alexa’s marketing team used the perfect celebrities for this marketing strategy. This marketing campaign was so successful that it created major buss throughout the world! It even won several awards! Such as the Primetime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Commercial.”

3. Spotify

Spotify partners with music festivals, concert tours, and live events to reach a large and engaged audience as part of its promotion strategy. They made pretty fun advertisements throughout the years and stayed consistent, making them more witty over time! For example, last year, in 2023, they created a list for their audience on an individual scale about the most streamed songs on their playlist. They called that “2023 Wrapped,” and the viewers ended up posting it and made funny comebacks over their most listened-to songs.

Back in 2016, Spotify used the same strategy by using social media marketing to their best potential. See the image below, and you’ll get what I mean.


These are hilarious and creative and definitely attracted thousands of people. What more could be said than that this is a totally successful strategy?

Social media marketing is one of the most widely used and common ways to advertise and promote a product on a large and global scale. You gain more views, increase your search rankings, and expand your customer outreach. Definitely, there is more to it than just that, but isn’t it amazing to know how you can be recognized globally and promote your product?

4. Coca Cola

By using integrated marketing communications, Coca-Cola employs diverse marketing channels to reach its target audience. The company uses various marketing channels, such as TV commercials, print ads, billboards, digital media, social networks, and event sponsorships, to maximize brand exposure.

They even created customized classes in unique colors to further market their brand. What’s more, they made these glasses accessible to buy from places like McDonald’s. Smart plan, right?

They have partnered up with Coachella, beach parties, and several other popular occasions.

Coca Cola

5. M&M’s

Remember when M&M’s suddenly took a turn and decided to rename their brand to Ma&Ya’s? Yeah, that was a great way to make heads turn and ears stand up to be like, “What is going on!?” This marketing strategy was adopted since the brand M&M decided to drop a new member to their Cady family. They used the power of celebrity endorsement, where Maya Rudolph was to be the face of the iconic M&M’s.


This was truly a funny way to promote their brand and give it a fresh look.

6. Airbnb

Airbnb, a community marketplace that allows people to list and book accommodations worldwide, was founded in 2008 in San Francisco, California. It has grown significantly since then, currently offering more than 7 million listings in 34,000+ cities around the world. One of the reasons behind the company’s global success is its video campaign called “Made Possible by Hosts.”


Airbnb has launched a campaign with the aim of bringing its global community of hosts and guests closer together in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has referred to the campaign as a way of showcasing the “magical experiences” that hosts provide to guests. Real videos and photographs of guests were used to create the campaign, which created a sense of nostalgia that people often feel when traveling.

This really made people feel connected and brought us back to memorable events and more. This was not only a smart marketing strategy but also an emotional connection used to gain recognition from its targeted audience.

7. Vogue

Vogue has introduced a VIP loyalty program in Australia to celebrate its 60th anniversary in the country. This rewards program offers more than just earning points for purchases. Instead, it provides fashion-conscious customers with a personalized experience they are sure to enjoy.

For instance, Vogue offers its VIP members a variety of perks, such as access to exclusive prizes, early access to tickets for relevant events, shopping events, and networking opportunities with individuals associated with the magazine. Additionally, some VIP members can even gain admission to the exclusive Vogue VIP areas.


They demonstrate the value of making a rewards program that is tailored toward its target audience. Vogue truly understood what a typical reader finds rewarding to create a powerful rewards membership experience, and they definitely got the assignment and passed!

8. Dunkin’

National Donut Day takes place every year in June, and while we relish in our Boston creams (or maybe two), Dunkin’ Donuts China offers its customers fresh batches of dry pork and seaweed donuts.

With over 3,200 stores in 36 countries outside the United States, Dunkin’ Donuts has tailored its menu to satisfy the sweet tooth of its global audience. From Korea’s Grapefruit Coolatta to Lebanon’s Mango Chocolate Donut to Russia’s Dunclairs, it’s clear that Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t hesitant to celebrate cultural differences and strengthen its international presence.


It is a smart move to give customers some freebies once in a while, however, Dunkin’ made sure to use this tactic once a year on a specific day to really make their clients wait.

9. Uber Eats

If you are a fan of the Netflix series Bridgerton, you will surely enjoy watching the Uber Eats commercial “Period Romance” which features the lead actress of Bridgerton, Nicola Coughlan. In the commercial, Nicola is seen watching the 2005 movie “Pride and Prejudice” and as she searches for period romance on her Uber Eats app, she imagines Mr. Darcy appearing at her doorstep, looking like he just stepped out of a Jane Austen novel.

By using old classic movies and making them in a more twist if modern and old themes together. This social media marketing strategy really uplifted the brand’s scope.

10. Glossier

“Anyone can be an influencer.” Making your brand stand out on social media platforms can be quite challenging. This is especially true given that popular beauty influencers charge thousands of dollars for one, single sponsored post.

However, it’s important to note that hiring a top-tier influencer doesn’t always result in increased sales. Studies show that 70% of millennials’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their peers. That being said, micro-influencers (those with up to 10k followers) tend to have higher engagement rates. This was revealed in a survey conducted by InfluencerDB.

So, what does Glossier do? The company views its customers as influencers. Glossier regularly features user-generated content (mostly on Instagram) and has built a strong community of consumers. They’re also known for listening to their client’s needs and creating products that cater to their exact preferences. They make short TikToks, use catchy tunes, and use the power of modern aesthetics to their marketing strategy, surely luring their audience closer and closer!

Wrapping it Up!

It takes a little insight, creativity, and finesse to promote your brand the right way. However, by doing so, you can inspire brand loyalty and generate leads for a long time to come. It is always the small steps that matter at the beginning of promoting your brand. But these ideas you can use and are often used by professional marketing teams on a significantly smaller scale. Depending on the company’s investment.

If you want to take your brand’s marketing strategy to new heights, a marketing strategist can help you achieve that goal. Whether you need to improve your email marketing, SEO, or social media, MarketingVent can connect you with some of the best marketing strategists in the business.